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Flowers A to Z with Donna Dewberry

More than 50 beautiful blooms you can paint

Flowers A to Z with Donna Dewberry front cover Flowers A to Z with Donna Dewberry back cover
Painting your favorite flowers is easy with Donna!

Add the beauty and elegance of painted flowers to your projects.  It's quick and fun with Donna Dewberry's popular one stroke technique!  This easy-to-use reference provides all of the instruction and inspiration you need to successfully paint more than 50 garden flowers and wildflowers in an array of stunning colors.

Donna provides complete instruction beginning with step-by-step photos of her basic one stroke painting technique.  You'll discover the secrets of painting leaves, vines and other foliage common to a variety of flowers.  With handy color charts and tips on painting flower petals of all kinds, you'll learn how to create unique floral designs that can be used on furniture, walls, picture frames and more, with fabulous results every time!

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