Scottie's Bauernmalerei Bavarian Folk Art Book 2

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book cover

In Scottie's second book on Bauernmalerei, you'll focus on two beautiful furniture pieces: a chest and a shapely Bavarian chair. Scottie loves to paint furniture because many of the original articles that were painted with Bauernmalerei centuries ago were functional furniture pieces. Who doesn't love to paint something useful?

Be sure to try your paint brush on some big pieces as well as the quick-to-paint smaller ones. Also presented in this book are four little scenes that will transport you to a faraway land with only a couple of brushes, a few paints and your imagination. In today's world of inflation, decorative painting is quite a deal!
Scottie Foster Bauernmalerei Books

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Foster, Scottie Scottie's Bauernmalerei Bavarian Folk Art Book 2 BKFS102

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