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Bob Ross Joy of Painting VHS Videos

Important Information:

Sadly, Bob Ross VHS video tapes are no longer available. However, the same great quality Bob Ross topics and instructional episodes ARE available in DVD format! Find Bob Ross DVD's here.

Enjoy and learn from these exciting art instructional Video programs.  Bob Ross brings his warm and patient teaching style into your home.  Develop and expand your skills and understanding of Bob's 'wet-on-wet' painting technique made famous on "The Joy of Painting" television series.

VHS Video Home System Tape
Bob Ross Getting Started Wildlife Painting VHS
Bob Ross Photo
® The Bob Ross name and Bob Ross images are registered trademarks of Bob Ross Inc.

One-Hour Bob Ross Landscape Painting Videos

Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
winter harmony
$16.99 $8.50 No longer available.

bob ross wildlife giant panda

This Giant Panda Wildlife Painting VHS is no longer available.
Find it in DVD format here!

bob ross wildlife jaguar   

This Jaguar Wildlife Painting VHS is no longer available.
Find it in DVD format here!

List Price You Pay Only! No longer available List Price You Pay Only! No longer available
$19.99 $11.99 $19.99 $11.99


Bob Ross 3 Hour Workshop Video

The Bob Ross 3 Hour Workshop Video is the best tool available for learning the Ross style of painting.  Three hours of Bob covering all elements including  skies, mountains, trees, water and more. Then he brings it all together to complete a painting.

bob ross skies  bob ross mountains
bob ross trees  bob ross water
-Chapter 1. Introduction
-Chapter 2. Skies
-Chapter 3. Mountains
-Chapter 4. Trees
-Chapter 5. Water
-Chapter 6. Repairing "Happy Accidents"
-Bonus!  Meet Bob Ross
Materials Needed:  18 Inch x 24 Inch or 16 Inch x 20 Inch Double-primed canvas, 2" Background Brush, 1" Landscape Brush, #10 Painting Knife, #3 or #6 Fan Blender Brush, #2 Script Liner Brush, 1" Round Foliage Brush, Liquid white Base Coat Paint, Liquid Black Base Coat Paint, Easel, Palette, Odorless Thinner, Screen for Thinner Can, Thick, Firm Oil Colors: Alizarin Crimson, Bright Red, Cadmium Yellow, Dark Sienna, Indian Yellow, Midnight Black, Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green, Prussian Blue, Sap Green, Titanium White, and Van Dyke Brown.
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTBRW001 $39.99 $23.99 No longer available

Bob Ross and Annette Kowalski Flower Painting Videos

Enjoy learning how to floral paint in oil colors with Annette Kowalski. Annette has mastered the Bob Ross Flower Technique and shares easy steps with you in these VHS tapes. Learn the Ross Floral Method as Annette takes you step-by-step through every phase of your beautiful paintings, from preparing the canvas with sketch and background color to the very last "floret" and finally, your proud signature!

Item# MWRTAKW001
Bob Ross and Annette Kowalski 3 Hour VHS Workshop Flower Painting
3 Hour Workshop I - Flower Painting
List Price $39.99
You Pay Only $23.99
Beginner to Advanced!

No longer available

Item# MWRTAKW002
Bob Ross and Annette Kowalski 2 Hour Floral Painting Workshop VHS Roses
2 Hour Workshop II - Flower Painting II: Roses
List Price $35.99
You Pay Only $21.59
Beginner to Advanced!

No longer available

Bob Ross', The Joy of Painting TV Shows on VHS Videos

joy of painting vhs


Each series is a 3 Video Tape set of 13, half hour programs (6½ hours).  That's 13 complete paintings per series!  These video series sets can be used alone or with The Joy of Painting companion series books.

Find "The Joy of Painting" companion DVD's:

Sadly, these Joy of Painting TV VHS Videos are no longer available. Find the same great episodes in DVD format here!

List Price $45.99     You Pay Only! $27.59

Series 7
bob ross series 7 Tape 1 - Winter Cabin, Secluded Lake, Evergreens at Sunset, Mountain Cabin Tape 2 - Portrait of Sally, Misty Waterfall, Barn at Sunset, Mountain Splendor Tape 3 - Lake by Mountain, Mountain Glory, Grey Winter, Dock Scene, Dark Waterfall
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP07 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 8
bob ross series 8 Tape 1 - Misty Rolling Hills, Lakeside Cabin, Warm Winter Day, Waterside Way
Tape 2
- Hunter's Haven, Bubbling Mountain Brook, Winter Hideaway, Foot of the Mountain
Tape 3
- Majestic Pine, Cactus at Sunset, Mountain Range, Lonely Retreat, Northern Lights
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP08 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 9
bob ross series 9bob ross series 9b Tape 1 - Winter Evergreens, Surf's Up, Red Sunset, Meadow Road
Tape 2 - Winter Oval, Secluded Beach, Forest Hills, Little House By-The-Road
Tape 3 - Mountain Path, Country Charm, Nature's Paradise, Mountain By-The-Sea, Mountain Hide-Away
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP09 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 10
bob ross series 10
Tape 1 - Towering Peaks, Cabin at Sunset, Twin Falls, Secluded Bridge
Tape 2 - Ocean Breeze, Autumn Woods, Winter Solitude, Golden Sunset
Tape 3 - Mountain Oval, Ocean Sunset, triple View, Winter Frost, Lakeside Cabin
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP10 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 11
bob ross series 11
Tape 1 - Mountain Stream, Country Cabin, Daisy Delight, Hidden Stream
Tape 2 - Towering Glacier, Oval Barn, Lakeside Path, Sunset Oval
Tape 3 - Winter Barn, Sunset Over the Waves, Golden Glow, Roadside Barn, Happy Accident
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP11 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 1 2
bob ross series 12
Tape 1 - Golden Knoll, Mountain Reflections, Secluded Mountain and Bright Autumn Trees
Tape 2 - Black Seascape, Steep Mountains, Quiet Mountain River and Evening Waterfall
Tape 3 - Tropical Seascape, Mountain at Sunset, Soft Mountain Glow, Mountain in an Oval and Winter Mountain
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP12 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 1 3
bob ross series 13
Tape 1 - Rolling Hills, Frozen Solitude, Meadow Brook and Evening Sunset
Tape 2 - Mountain View, Hidden Creek, Peaceful Haven and Mountain Exhibition
Tape 3 - Emerald Waters, Mountain Summit, Cabin Hideaway, Oval Essence and Lost Lake
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP13 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 1 4
bob ross series 14
Tape 1 - Distant Mountains, Meadow Brook Surprise, Mountain Moonlight Oval and Snowy Solitude
Tape 2 - Mountain River, Graceful Mountains, Windy Waves and On A Clear Day
Tape 3 - Riverside Escape Oval, Surprising Falls, Shadow Pond, Misty Forest Oval and Natural Wonder
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP14 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 15
bob ross series 15
Tape 1 - Splendor of Winter, Colors of Nature, Grandpa's Barn and Peaceful Reflections
Tape 2 - Hidden Winter Moon Oval, Waves of Wonder, Cabin By The Pond and Fall Stream
Tape 3 - Christmas Eve Snow, Forest Dawn Oval, Pathway to Autumn, Deep Forest Lake and Peaks of Majesty
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP15 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 16
bob ross series 18
Tape 1 - Two Seasons, Nestled Cabin, Wintertime Discovery and Mountain Mirage
Tape 2 - Double Oval Fantasy, Contemplative Lady, Deep Woods and High Tide
Tape 3 - Barn in Snow Oval, That Time of Year, Waterfall Wonder, Mighty Mountain Lake and Wooded Stream Oval
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP16 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 17
bob ross series 17
Tape 1 - Golden Mist Oval, The Old Home Place, Soothing Vista and Stormy Seas
Tape 2 - Country Time, A Mild Winter's Day, Spectacular Waterfall and View From The Park
Tape 3 - Lake View, Old Country Mill, Morning Walk, Nature's Splendor and Mountain Beauty Oval
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP17 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 19
bob ross series 19 Tape 1 - Snowfall Magic, Quiet Mountain Lake, Final Embers of Sunlight, Snowy Morn
Tape 2 - Camper's Haven, Waterfall in the Woods, Covered Bridge Oval, Scenic Seclusion
Tape 3 - Ebb Tide, After the Rain, Winter Elegance, Evening's Peace, Valley of Tranquility
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP19 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 20
bob ross series 20 Tape 1 - Mystic Mountain, New Day's Dawn, Pastel Winter, Hazy Day
Tape 2 - Divine Elegance, Cliffside, Autumn Fantasy, The Old Oak Tree
Tape 3 - Winter Paradise, Days Gone By, Change of Seasons, Hidden Delight, Double Take
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP20 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 21
bob ross series 21 Tape 1 - Valley View, Tranquil Dawn, Royal Majesty, Serenity
Tape 2 - Cabin at Trail's End, Mountain Rhapsody, Wilderness Cabin, By-the-Sea
Tape 3 - Indian Summer, Blue Winter, Desert Glow, Lone Mountain, Florida's Glory
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP21 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 22
bob ross series 22 Tape 1 - Autumn Images, Hint of Springtime, Around the Bend, Countryside Oval
Tape 2 - Russet Winter, Purple Haze, Dimensions, Deep Wilderness Home
Tape 3 - Haven in the Valley, Wintertime Blues, Pastel Seascape, Country Creek, Silent Forest
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP22 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 23
bob ross series 23 Tape 1 - Frosty Winter Morn, Forest Edge, Mountain Ridge Lake, Reflections of Gold
Tape 2 - Quiet Cove, River's Peace, At Dawn's Light, Valley Waterfall
Tape 3 - Toward Day's End, Falls in the Glen, Frozen Beauty in Vignette, Crimson Tide, Winter Bliss
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP23 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 24
bob ross series 24 Tape 1 - Gray Mountain, Wayside Pond, Teton Winter, and Little Home in the Meadow
Tape 2 - A Pretty Autumn Day, Mirrored Images, Back Country Path, and Graceful Waterfall
Tape 3 - Icy Lake, Rowboat on the Beach, Portrait of Winter, The Footbridge, and Snowbound Cabin
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP24 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 25
bob ross series 25 Tape 1 - Hide-Away Cove, Enchanted Falls Oval, Not Quite Spring, and Splashes of Autumn
Tape 2 - Summer in the Mountain, Oriental Falls, Autumn Palette, and Cypress Swamp
Tape 3 - Downstream View, Just Before the Storm, Fisherman's Paradise, Desert Hues, and The Property Line
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP25 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 26
bob ross series 26 Tape 1 - In the Stillness of Morning, Delightful Meadow Home, First Snow, and Lake in the Valley
Tape 2 - A Trace of Spring, An Arctic Winter Day, Snow Birch, and Early Autumn
Tape 3 - Tranquil Wooded Stream, Purple Mountain Range, Storm 'aComin', Sunset Aglow, and Evening at Falls
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP26 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 27
bob ross series 27 Tape 1 - Twilight Beauty, Angler's Haven, Rustic Winter Woods, and Wilderness Falls
Tape 2 - Winter at the Farm, Daisies at Dawn, Spectacular View, and Daybreak
Tape 3 - Island Paradise, Sunlight in Shadows, Splendor of Snowy Winter, Forest River, and Golden Glow Morning
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP27 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 28
bob ross series 28 Tape 1 - Fisherman's Trail, A Warm Winter, Under Pastel Skies, and Golden Rays of Sunlight
Tape 2 - The Magic of Fall, Glacier Lake, The Old Weather Barn, and Deep Forest Falls
Tape 3 - Winter's Grace, Splendor of Autumn, Tranquil Seas, Mountain Serenity, and Home Before Nightfall
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP28 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 29
bob ross series 29 Tape 1 - Island in the Wilderness, Autumn Oval, Seasonal Progression, and Light at the Summit
Tape 2 - Countryside Barn, Mountain Lake Falls, Cypress Creek, and Trapper's Cabin
Tape 3 - Storm on the Horizon, Pot O'Poisies, Perfect Winter Day, Aurora's Dance, and Woodman's Retreat
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP29 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 30
bob ross series 30 Tape 1 - Babbling Brook, Woodgrain View, Winter's Peace, and Wilderness Trail
Tape 2 - A Copper Winter, Misty Foothills, Through the Window, and Home in the Valley
Tape 3 - Mountains of Grace, Seaside Harmony, Cold Spring Day, Evening's Glow, and Blue Ridge Falls
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP30 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Series 31
bob ross series 31 Tape 1 - Reflections of Calm, Before the Snowfall, Winding Stream, and Tranquility Cove
Tape 2 - Cabin in the Hollow, View from Clear Creek, Bridge to Autumn, and Trail's End
Tape 3 - Evergreen Valley, Balmy Beach, Lake at the Ridge, In the Midst of Winter, and Wilderness Way
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTJP31 $45.99 $27.59 No longer available

Bob Ross Wildlife Videos

Getting Started Wildlife Painting Techniques

Bob Ross Getting Started Wildlife Painting VHS

So much more than just an introduction, this video is really a workshop in the techniques to paint special animal features:  Eyes - feline, equine, large and small animal, Fur - medium and long, Hide - such as a zebra and horse and short hair - such as a jaguar or leopard.  Tie the techniques together and learn to paint a big cat (lion, leopard or jaguar) in the final segment.

This Bob Ross video is instructed by Artist Bea Cox.

Find Bob Ross Wildlife Painting DVD's here!

Materials Used In This Video:
Gray Gesso, Black Liquid Acrylic, White Liquid Acrylic, Oil Painting Medium, Disposable Palette, Soft Titanium White, Soft Warm White, Soft Yellow Ochre, Soft Indian Yellow, Soft Burnt Sienna, Soft Raw Umber, Soft Prussian Blue, Soft Cadmium Red Light, Soft Transparent Black, Soft Alizarin Crimson, Soft Ivory Black, BRUSHES NEEDED: 1/2" Bristle, 3/4" Bristle, #6 Finisher, #8 Finisher, 1/2" Fur, #2 White Nylon Detail, Eye, Badger Fan Blender, 2" Landscape, 1" Landscape, 3/4" Floral Bright, #2 Script Liner, #3 or #6 Bristle Fan Blender.  To clean brushes, you will need Bob Ross' Odorless Thinner.  Other supplies that are required are:  16 x 24" fine tooth canvas, paper towels, Styrofoam plate, disposable water container, 2" or 3" sponge brush, misting/spray bottle of water, graphite or other transfer paper, 1/2" masking tape.
Item Number List Price You Pay Only! Order
MWTBW05 $19.99 $11.99 No longer available


Getting Started with Oil Colors

Learn how to paint with the Bob Ross "anyone can paint" method.  Learn to use his tools and color to experience "The Joy of Painting"

    bob ross getting started

Presented in Bob Ross' own warm and patient style, this 1/2 hour "Getting Started" video will take you through the Ross Wet-on-Wet method of painting in oil color.  The Wet-on-Wet technique is a very free and expressive way of painting.  It's a great way of fulfilling your dreams of creating beautiful paintings and most importantly, it happens quickly.  Bob covers in great detail all the tools he uses from the start - priming the canvas, to the finish - cleaning your brushes.  During the video he shows how to create various trees, shrubs, skies, clouds, mountains, water and even a cabin with his unique method of mixing and blending colors directly on the canvas.

Bob Ross Products Reviewed in the Video: 18 x 24" or 16 x 20" double primed pre-stretched canvas - liquid white - odorless thinner - Bob Ross oil paints - 1" and 2" background brushes - #3 and #6 fan brushes - 1" round brush - #6 filbert brush - #2 script liner - #5 and #10 painting knives - clear acrylic palette - brush cleaning screen - brush beater rack - black gesso

Item Number Order
MWTBR14 Sorry, this video is no longer available. It can be purchased in here!

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Oil Paints / Art Books / DVD's / Canvas / Paint by numbers / Accessories / Puzzles / Gift Certificate

Prices given in US Dollars

® The Bob Ross name and Bob Ross images are registered trademarks of Bob Ross Inc.
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