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DecoArt Traditions Acrylic Paint

DecoArt Traditions are high quality, mixable acrylic colors. They are a resin-based acrylic that can perform as an acrylic, watercolor or oil paint! These matte acrylic paints maintain the same excellent light-fastness for all decorative art applications.

Use with the DecoArt Mediums for many techniques including wet blending, multi-layering, watercolor, dry brushing and more.  This state-of-the art line is ideal for a wide variety of surfaces including canvas, wood, walls, ceramic bisque, paper, metal and leather.  Cleans up easily with soap and water. Easy flow bottle, easy blendability, great brushability, lightfast, safe, pure pigments.

ON SALE: Save 30% off the list!
DecoArt Traditions Acrylic Paint DecoArt Traditions Acrylics On Sale!

DecoArt Traditions Color Sampler, 1 oz.

DecoArt Traditions 12-1 oz. Color Sampler includes: Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Naphthol Red, Naphthol Red Light, Hansa Yellow, Raw Sienna, Phthalo Green, Raw Umber, Titanium White and Carbon Black.
Mediums: 1- Glazing Medium and 1 - Extender and Blending Medium.

DecoArt Traditions Palette Sampler


Item Number Description List Price 30% Off Order
DATSK01 12 Color Sampler, 1 oz. $21.48 $15.04

DecoArt Traditions Acrylic Paint 3 oz.

DecoArt Traditions Acrylic Paints, 3 oz. bottles

DecoArt Traditions are the ideal acrylic paints for advanced decorative artists. This line of fine acrylic paints consists of 50 beautiful, blendable colors using the most current resin acrylic polymer technology.

DecoArt Traditions is considered by many to be the ultimate acrylic paint capable of reproducing traditional techniques of the old masters as well as the new current styles, techniques and designs.

The DecoArt acrylic colors utilize the highest quality, lightfast, safe, pure pigments available today.

Item Number Color Name List Price 30% Off Order
DAT029 Aquamarine $5.70 $3.99
DAT020 Blue Green Light $7.20 $5.04
DAT047 Brown Madder $7.20 $5.04
DAT001 Burgundy $5.70 $3.99
DAT044 Burnt Sienna $4.24 $2.97 Backordered from the manufacturer.
DAT046 Burnt Umber $4.24 $2.97 Backordered from the manufacturer.
DAT042 Carbon Black $4.24 $2.97
DAT028 Cerulean Blue $5.70 $3.99
DAT055 Cobalt Blue Hue $5.70 $3.99
DAT041 Dark Grey, Value 3 $4.24 $2.97
DAT013 Diarylide Yellow $7.20 $5.04
DAT031 Dioxazine Purple $7.20 $5.04 Backordered from the manufacturer.
DAT015 Hansa Yellow Light $7.20 $5.04
DAT052 Hansa Yellow Medium $5.70 $3.99
DAT014 Hansa Yellow $7.20 $5.04
DAT011 Indian Yellow $5.70 $3.99
DAT039 Light Grey, Value 8 $4.24 $2.97
DAT048 Light Pearl $4.24 $2.97
DAT034 Light Violet $5.70 $3.99
DAT017 Medium Green $5.70 $3.99
DAT040 Medium Grey, Value 6 $4.24 $2.97
DAT037 Medium White $4.24 $2.97 Backordered from the manufacturer.
DAT004 Napthol AS Hue $5.70 $3.99
DAT003 Napthol Red Light $7.20 $5.04
DAT002 Napthol Red $5.70 $3.99
DAT058   Opaque White $5.70 $3.99
DAT008 Perinone Orange


DAT051 Permanent Alizarin Crimson $12.00 $8.40
DAT024 Phthalo Blue $5.70 $3.99
DAT023 Phthalo Green Blue $5.70 $3.99
DAT022 Phthalo Green Yellow $10.60 $7.42
DAT019 Pine Green $5.70 $3.99
DAT025 Prussian Blue Hue $5.70 $3.99
DAT053 Quinacridone Burnt Orange $10.60 $7.42
DAT007 Quinacridone Gold $5.70 $3.99 Backordered from the manufacturer
DAT033 Quinacridone Violet $7.20 $5.04
DAT043 Raw Sienna $4.24 $2.97 Backordered from the manufacturer.
DAT045 Raw Umber $4.24 $2.97
DAT032 Red Violet $5.70 $3.99
DAT059 Sap Green $7.20 $5.04
DAT027 Sapphire Blue $4.24 $2.97
DAT021 Teal Green $5.70 $3.99
DAT035   Titanium White $4.24 $2.97
DAT056 Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide $5.70 $3.99
DAT050 True Gold $5.70 $3.99
DAT049 True Silver $5.70 $3.99
DAT026 Ultramarine Blue $4.24 $2.97
DAT009 Vermillion $5.70 $3.99
DAT036 Warm  White $4.24 $2.97
DAT010 Yellow Deep $5.70 $3.99
DAT016 Yellow Green Light $7.20 $5.04
DAT012 Yellow Oxide $4.24 $2.97

DecoArt Traditions Painting Mediums

Glazing Medium is designed to give more depth to your painting. Adding Glazing Medium to your paint keeps pigments separate from each other when the water evaporates. Glazing Medium can also be used in stains, barrier coats, antiquing, tinting, etc
Extender medium is used for increasing the "open" or working time of the Traditions paints and mediums.This medium is added to slow the drying of the paint.
Multi-Surface Sealer is a pure, clear resin acrylic medium with remarkable sealing and adhesive properties. Multi-Surface Sealer is a wonderful medium that allows us to paint on many different surfaces safely.
Satin Varnish is a resin-based polyurethane varnish which provides the hardest acrylic finish available for indoor and outdoor surfaces.This new varnish will surprise you on how easy it is to apply. It gives fantastic protection to your paintings with just a few coats.
Faux Finishing medium is used for creating faux techniques such as wood grain and marble or for adding transparency and texture to stroke and other decorative painting techniques. This is a very thick gel based medium with extended drying time. Many artists like this medium for stroke techniques because it gives the paint the feeling of oil and gives texture to the stroke while leaving some transparency.

DecoArt Traditions Mediums 3 oz.

DecoArt Traditions Mediums, 3 oz. Bottles

Item Number 3 oz Mediums List Price 30% Off Order
DATM001 Glazing Medium $3.10 $2.17
DATM002 Extender and Blending Medium $3.10 $2.17
DATM003 Multi-Surface Sealer $3.10 $2.17 Backordered from the manufacturer.
DATM004 Satin Varnish $3.10 $2.17
DATM008 Dark Primer $3.10 $2.17
DATM011 Watercolor Medium $3.10 $2.17

DecoArt Traditions Mediums, 8 oz. Bottles

Item Number 8 oz Mediums List Price 30% Off Order
DATM801 Glazing Medium $6.20 $4.34
DATM802 Extender and Blending Medium $6.20 $4.34
DATM803 Multi-Surface Sealer $6.20 $4.34
DATM804 Satin Varnish $8.00 $5.60

Prices Given in U.S. Dollars

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