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Jerry Yarnell - Television Artist and Teacher

Jerry Yarnell

Jerry Yarnell is the host of the PBS program "The Jerry Yarnell School of Fine Art". He teaches his brilliant style of landscape painting to thousands of fans worldwide.

If you've ever painted with Bob Ross or Bill Alexander, then you're going to love Jerry Yarnell!

Painting Inspirations Volume 2

Painting Inspirations Volume 2 by Jerry Yarnell

Item #BKYJ102

Sorry, this book is out of print.

Painting Inspirations Volume 2 projects

Painting Inspirations. There's no better way to describe the stunning projects provided by Jerry Yarnell in volume two of his popular book series. His invaluable instruction and encouraging voice accompany each new artistic challenge, giving you the inspiration and guidance needed to master a variety of new painting techniques.

Build your skills as you follow Jerry's step-by-step demonstrations to complete 10 paintings. A gorgeous adobe Indian village, rocky cliffs and snow-covered hillsides are just a few of the subjects in this book.

Paintings in this book include:

Adobe Village, After the Rain, Desert Surprise, Sunset Camp, The Nutcracker, Mountain High, Above the Waves, Sunset Mallards, Resting Wren and Morning Reflections.


Landscape Painting Secrets

Jerry Yarnell Landscape Painting Secrets
Item #BKYJ110

Sorry, this book is out of print.

You can master landscape painting with the help of renowned painter Jerry Yarnell! In Landscape Painting Secrets, Jerry explores the different areas of landscape painting that often create problems for beginning and intermediate artists. Jerry covers all of the major landscape elements from rocks, dirt roads and grass to still and moving water to atmospheric conditions like rainbows, storm clouds, lightning and falling snow.

Paintings in this book include:

Mini Demonstrations - Clumps of Grass, Weathered Wood and Wildflowers, Small Pebbles and Dirt, Winding Dirt Road, Stone Pathway, Stone Wall, Rocks, Eroded Banks, Ocean Waves, Running Water, Reflections in Water, Mud Puddles, Lightning, Rainbows, Leafy Trees, Dead Trees, Snow-Covered Pine Trees and Falling Snow

Full Paintings - Snow Country, High-Country Waterfall, Stormy Skies

Painting Magic Volume 3

Painting Magic Volume 3 by Jerry Yarnell
Item #BKYJ103

Sorry, this book is out of print.

Painting Magic Volume 3 back cover

Learn all the tricks and techniques you need to perform "magic" with paint! In Painting Magic, the third volume of Jerry Yarnell's popular painting series, you'll learn to move beyond the basics and begin tackling more involved paintings. You'll find ten beautiful step-by-step projects inside, each designed to provide a new set of artistic challenges that help you to master composition, design, perspective, value, color and atmosphere.

Paintings in this book include:

The Crossing, High and Mighty, Tossed by the Waves, Patient Fisherman, Misty Morning Sun, The Stone Wall, Home from the Market, Bicycle and the Bluebird, No Vacancy and The Return to Days of Old.

Hofcraft suggests using the following list of materials...  

For The Palette:

White Gesso

Paints (Colors May Vary)

Alizarin Crimson, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Red Light, Cadmium Yellow Light, Dioxazine Purple, Hooker's Green Hue, Phthalo Yellow-Green, Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue


Yasutomo and Company Hake Brushes
2" (51mm) hake
  Sable Brushes
#4 flat sable, #4 round sable
  Script Liner Brushes
#4 script liner
  Winsor and Newton Bristle Brushes
#6 bristle, #10 bristle

Sta-Wet Palette, water can, #2 Soft Vine Charcoal, 16" x 20" (41cm x 51cm) Stretched Canvas, paper towels, Palette Knife, spray bottle, Easel

Jerry Yarnell's Biography

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