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Jerry Yarnell

Jerry Yarnell is the host of the PBS program "The Jerry Yarnell School of Fine Art".  He teaches his brilliant style of landscape painting to thousands of fans worldwide.

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Jerry Yarnell was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA. From an early age he seemed destined to be an artist. Jerry excelled in his Tulsa high school art program, and received two scholarships to the Philbrook Art Center. The Philbrook Museum of Art is in Tulsa is one of America's top museums of art and has an excellent arts education program.

By the time Jerry Yarnell was 21 he was teaching art workshops and was travelling throughout the mid-west teaching others how to paint. When one of Jerry's former students opened an art gallery in Tao's New Mexico, Jerry moved to Tao's and began to work less on teaching and more on developing his own distinct style as a wildlife and landscape artist.

After an all too short time in Taos, Jerry Yarnell had to move back to Tulsa where he resumed his art teaching and instruction activities. Jerry Yarnell urges his students to concentrate on mastering the basic technical aspects of painting such as composition, design, perspective, negative space, color mixing, values and color coordination.

His classes were so successful that the M. Grumbacher Company offered Jerry Yarnell a contract. This gave rise to the popular TV series "The Inspiration of Painting".

Jerry Yarnell's very popular current TV show on PBS is titled the Jerry Yarnell School of Fine Art and appears throughout the USA. Jerry and his work are also very popular in Canada and worlwide.

Jerry holds workshops throughout the year and provides private lessons at the Yarnell School of Fine Art located in Skiatook, Oklahoma.

Some of the artists who have had an influence on Jerry Yarnell's art are:

Owen Gromme
Andrew Wyeth
Bob Abbett
Richard Schmid

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