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Kemper Tools

Kemper Tools Logo

Kemper Tools supplies a wide variety of artists craft and painting tools. From rose sticks and spatter brushes to sanding files, stylus' and wipe out tools, you'll find everything you need to take the hassle and stress out of your art and craft projects!

Kemper Tools Artists Stylus'

The two different sizes on the double ball stylus' can be used for pattern transfer or the positioning of fine "dots" on your work.  The single ball tip stylus' come in two tip sizes.  Both styles have varnished wooden handles that feel warm and comfortable in your hand.

Kemper Tools Artists Stylus'
Item Number Description List Price 30% Off Order
KTBSS Small Single Tip Stylus $3.29 $2.30
KTBSL Large Single Tip Stylus $3.49 $2.44
KTDBSS Small Double Tip Stylus $3.59 $2.51
KTDBS Medium Double Tip Stylus $3.49 $2.44
KTDBSL Large Double Tip Stylus $3.59 $2.51


Kemper Fluid Writer Pens

Kemper Fluid Writer Pen Cleaning Tool
Kemper Fluid Writer Pen
Use these simple yet high quality Fluid Writer Pens to draw fine lines or for lettering when a liner brush just won't do the job. Holds like a brush, writes like a pen, consistent lines every time. Fluid Writer Pens work on most horizontal and vertical surfaces such as easels. Use with inks, acrylics, China paints, gold and more!
Item Number Description List Price 30% Off Order
KTFWPS Fluid Writer Pen, Small Tip
(includes cleaning tool)
$14.89 $10.42

Fluid Writer Pen, Large Tip
(includes cleaning tool)

$14.89 $10.42
KTGPSC Pen Cleaning Tool $4.79 $3.35

The Original Gold Pen

The Original Gold Pen, Kemper Tools
Holds like a pen!

Kemper Tools' Original Gold Pen holds like a pen to create consistent, fine width lines. Use with gold, China paint, acrylics and inks. Use on any type of surface. Hold this tool like a pen and you can work on almost any flat surface. Comes with a stem cleaner for cleaning out the precision tip hole of the pen.

Item Number Description List Price 30% Off Order
KTGPS Gold Pen, Small
(.26 mm tip)
$15.39 $10.77

Kemper Wipe Out Tool

Kemper Wipe Out Tool
Erase your "uh-oh's" in glaze and paint! Plus smooth out finger prints, fill in holes and shape clay too!

This finely crafted tool with its varnished wood handle has a wedge shaped rubber point on one end and a soft conical rubber point on the other.  As the name suggests, the flexible rubber tips can be used to squeegee or remove any type of paint, whether to create special effects or to correct errors.  Will not dig into your work like other scrapers do.  Resistant to solvents, the Kemper Wipe Out Tool is 6" long including the handle.
One tip is beveled while the other comes to a fine point.

Item Number Description List Price 30% Off Order
KTWOT Wipe Out Tool $6.79 $4.75

Rose Sticks

Rose Sticks by Kemper Tool

Popularized by Scottie Foster as a useful tool for making "dot" roses, two colors of paint are applied from the stub end of the tool and then swirled with the fine tip, creating the illusion of a small folk art style rose.  Easily accomplished for minor projects.


Item Number Description List Price 30% Off Order
KTRS1 Set of 3 Rose Sticks $2.89 $2.02

Spatter Brush

Kemper Spatter Brush

For special effects...try a tool for applying spatters that works! Stiff black bristles on a wire handle house the cylinder and tong that produce an even "speckling" pattern when twirled. Use with acrylics, fabric paints, oils, watercolors and one strokes.

Item Number Description List Price 30% Off Order
KTSBT6 Spatter Brush $7.19 $5.03

Sanding Files and Blocks

Very fine sanders that work well after a piece has been sealed to take off bumps or sheen.  Soft sanders are flexible and clothlike.

Item Number Description List Price 30% Off Order

Sanding File, Coarse

$5.09 $3.56

Kemper Tools Klay Gun

Klay Gun

The Klay Gun can be used with any kind of clay, modeling compound, dough or sugar-paste. Use the Klay Gun to make ribbons, letters, frames, bricks, baskets, vines, grass, ropes, logs, hair and much more! Comes with several multi-shaped disks.

Item Number Description List Price Sale Price Order

Klay Gun

$16.49 $10.95

Prices given in US Dollars