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Winsor and Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sables

The Series 7 Kolinsky Round Watercolor brush is made from the highest quality raw materials. The Series 7 is absolutely unrivaled amongst sable brushes and has a long-established worldwide reputation for excellence. If your work demands the best and if you appreciate long life and incomparable service throughout then your investment in a Series 7 Kolinsky Sable will prove to be a long term economy. These brushes were originally designed for Queen Victoria in 1866 and are created from the very best Kolinsky red sable hair. They have rust-proof, seamless nickel plated ferrules and polished black handles.
These brushes set the standard for watercolor rounds.

Save 50% off the list price!
Winsor and Newton Art Supplies
Kolinsky Fine, Natural Hair Watercolor Sable Brushes
Winsor and Newton Kolinsky Sable Series 7
The finest sable watercolor brushes in the world!

Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Water Colour Brush

Kolinsky Sable Round Series 7 Kolinsky Series 7 Red Sable Watercolor Brushes

For larger size (#7,8,9,10) Kolinsky Sables, each brush is packed into an individual box with a tag included to indicate the name of the Series 7 brush maker who made that particular brush.

Item Number Description List Price 50% Off Order
WN7-3/0 #3/0 Kolinsky Sable Round $25.99 $13.00
WN7-2/0 #2/0 Kolinsky Sable Round $26.99 $13.50
WN7-0 #0 Kolinsky Sable Round $28.99 $14.50
WN7-1 #1 Kolinsky Sable Round $32.99 $16.50
WN7-2 #2 Kolinsky Sable Round $39.99 $20.00
WN7-3 #3 Kolinsky Sable Round $54.99 $27.50
WN7-4 #4 Kolinsky Sable Round $74.99 $37.50
WN7-5 #5 Kolinsky Sable Round $92.99 $46.50
WN7-6 #6 Kolinsky Sable Round $132.99 $66.50
WN7-7 #7 Kolinsky Sable Round $179.99 $90.00
WN7-8 #8 Kolinsky Sable Round $292.99 $146.50
WN7-9 #9 Kolinsky Sable Round $394.99 $197.50
WN7-10 #10 Kolinsky Sable Round $499.99 $250.00


Winsor and Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Miniature Painting Brushes

Series 7 Kolinsky Miniature Painting Brushes

Save 50% off the list!

These Kolinsky miniature painting brushes have short round bristles. They are made to the same superior quality as the Series 7 and contain the finest pure Kolinsky Sable hair. The only difference is that the hair is comparatively short out of the ferrule so that the point of the brush can be more accurately controlled during the most delicate work. Rosemalers use this one for the perfect teardrop effect.
Seamless nickel plated ferrules. Black polished handles.

Item Number Description List Price 50% Off Order
WN7M-3/0 #3/0 Short Round Red Sable $25.99 $13.00
WN7M-2/0 #2/0 Short Round Red Sable $26.99 $13.50
WN7M-0 #0 Short Round Red Sable $28.99 $14.50
WN7M-1 #1 Short Round Red Sable $30.99 $15.50
WN7M-2 #2 Short Round Red Sable $33.99 $17.00
WN7M-3 #3 Short Round Red Sable $38.99 $19.50
WN7M-4 #4 Short Round Red Sable $48.99 $24.50
WN7M-5 #5 Short Round Red Sable $61.99 $31.00
WN7M-6 #6 Short Round Red Sable $87.99 $44.00

Prices given in US Dollars

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